Feb 20 2014

In what position do you sleep?

Scientists have shown that body position sleeper tell everything about him : what he thinks , feels and what he wants.
Psychologists have found that between posture , which takes a person in a dream , and his outlook is strong. Moreover, experts say that the body language of a sleeping man never lies .
So what can a person tell posture during sleep ?

Language of the human body is due to his subconscious. Communicate through words is controlled by the human mind , so people can give false information . Language same gestures impossible to fake . Therefore, our posture , facial expressions and gestures say more about us than our words . The most reliable information about the person gives the position of the body during sleep. In the waking state can learn to partially manage their gestures and facial expressions . Consciousness sleeping person is inactive , and all his movements are caused solely by his subconscious.
Of course, no one can sleep through the night in the same position. During the night pose person can vary up to 40 times , and if he is under stress , the more frequently. However, each person has their own favorite position , it receives during sleep most often. As a rule , this is the position in which the body is at the moment of awakening (though this does not apply to the awakening alarm clock , bell which can catch us at any of the stages of sleep).
So, consider your favorite posture of sleep.

Sleeping on your back
As a rule, such a person is sufficiently relaxed pose . It talks about self-confidence and psychological strength of man . Such people feel confident in any situation , always ready to receive new information and new acquaintances . However, confidence can be replaced aplomb. Indicative of this is the hypertrophy of the posture of sleep and excessive activity throughout the area beds : in this case sleeper widely spreads his arms and legs , trying to take more living space.

Pose " embryo "
The first is characterized by the position of the sleeping posture on the side , with legs bent and pulled up to the belly , and the man hugging a blanket or himself. Typically, a person is bound into the far corner of the bed , or seeks to occupy the space of the wall . This position suggests that the person is afraid of real life and does not want to participate in the events that pass him by . These people desperately needed a leader , protector or defender who can protect them from the constraints of real life and take custody of him and responsibility.

Pose on the stomach
This posture, in which the man lies on his stomach and tries to " hug the bed ." Hands usually lie on the cushion or on the sides of the body , the legs are not biased , but on the contrary . Person sleeping in that position , trying to manage their own lives and make all important decisions. In addition, it is difficult to accept criticism , as he considers all their actions and decisions only true . This posture of sleep says Emergency perseverance , as well as the attention to detail.

Posture on the side
Last sleep posture - posture in which a person sleeps on his side , but not so trapped , as in the first position. He stretched out his feet and hands , although the legs may be slightly pursed . As a rule, such a position can be distinguished from the first posture " embryo " for a more relaxed posture . People spend most of the night in this position , have an analytical mind , is adequate, quiet and reliable. They are quite easy to adapt to any situation and can easily withstand the difficulties of life , while not possessing great psychic powers or special qualities .

Oct 26 2013

We clean winter clothes

   Summer 's over , autumn is running out ... It's time to get ready for the winter season . It's time to make fur coats and jackets a decent look .

Down jackets. Down jacket can be washed by hand or using a washing machine. Before washing machine drum in place three tennis balls , they will help beat packed down in the jacket .

Sheepskin . Sheepskin coat in any case can not be washed . Clean the dust out you can with a conventional adhesive tape. Spots with good coats will help to remove black bread or regular soda solution with milk ( a glass of milk 1 tsp baking soda ) . A fine-grain sandpaper will ruffle pile.

Faux fur coats . A fresh new look faux fur products can be armed with a solution of ammonium chloride ( 1 liter. Ammonia to 0.5 liters of water). Try first action of the solution on the inside. If during the experiment does not shed fur , can you clean the outside. Keep in mind that these products must be cleaned only against the nap .

Coat of fur. In this case, use vodka or diluted alcohol. Apply an anti- fur . In this case, lasy and shine removed. Give fur dry , comb it after the direction of cloth, slightly lifting . Dry coat in cool and ventilated room.

Sep 12 2013

How to choose a broom for a bath

The custom of visiting the bath with a broom originates from the time of occurrence of the first baths in Russia. Brooms from birch, oak , maple and other plants is an essential part in the march to the bath even in the ancient Slavs .

During pohlestyvaniya broom body is a kind of massage , promote blood circulation, more intense perspiration , improve metabolism. Also, when using a broom amplified the effect of the temperature contrast , open pores of the skin , and there is an intensive cleansing of various toxins and microbes. In addition, the leaves are broom volatiles - volatile, which contributes to the neutralization effect of pathogenic microbes. Skin oils that improve metabolism , prevents premature aging .

In addition to a general tonic effect on the body Veniks used in the treatment of various diseases. The secret to good health is simple: bath, stove with his hands, a broom and a good company .
To make a visit to Bath as useful broom should be selected individually . For example, a birch broom helps to relieve pain in muscles and joints, emerged after intense exercise . It promotes effective cleanse the skin with tendency to various rashes and abscesses , wound healing and abrasions , soothes and improves mood. The main positive effects from exposure to birch broom on the body is to expand the bronchial tubes , promotes discharge of mucus and better ventilation. This explains the normalization of respiratory function using birch broom . Obviously . that for people with asthma and abuse tobacco , birch broom irreplaceable. In addition, birch leaves contains , provitamin A and vitamin C , tannin , essential oils . Infusion of birch broom is recommended for washing the hair , strengthening the hair and eliminate dandruff.
The use of oak twigs can give oily skin matte and flexibility , relieve inflammation. Oak flavor is able to prevent the increase in blood pressure , calms the nerves , relieves stress. It is known that the leaves are of oak tannins, oak and the broth is useful as a remedy for skin diseases and excessive sweating feet.
Linden broom effectively removes the headache , promotes diuretic effect , perspiration , wound healing , bronchiectasis , and calms the nerves and has antipyretic action , which makes it ideal for colds .
Fir and juniper twigs promote sweating, stimulate blood circulation processes in the muscles and internal organs. They are used for sciatica , neuralgia and pain in the spine . Pine broom is an excellent disinfectant and helps prevent respiratory diseases. Before use, it should be zaparivat for ten minutes in boiling water . Once broom becomes soft , it is ready for use. A couple of pine branches can be added to oak and birch brooms . Infusions of the broom used for irrigation and washing stones .
Medicinal properties of eucalyptus broom due to the presence in it of essential oils . Especially effective eucalyptus broom with a cold and sore throat . While in the steam room , the broom is recommended to press against your face and breathe through the nose for 4-5 minutes . However, this broom is not very easy to handle because of the thin , flexible branches and leaves too long .
Ash is recommended to use a broom in the first half of the day , as it is able to enhance the jitters , eliminating the relaxing effect of bath procedures and preparing your body to work.
To relieve pain in muscles and joints are useful nettle broom . After searing effect on the body nettle all unpleasant sensations tend to disappear . Explains this result annoying and distracting effect of nettles , and its anti-inflammatory action . Broom Nettle is very effective in the treatment of rheumatism and sciatica . Regular use of a broom eliminates tension and lowers blood pressure . Before using the broom recommended for a few seconds into hot water. Steamed nettle broom comes after warming up the body. It is advisable to avoid heavy whipping not to dishevel broom .
The stems and leaves of wormwood also contain large amounts of nutrients and organic acids. This broom is useful in diseases of the joints , stomach , liver , gall bladder, and in the treatment of jaundice , rheumatism and obesity. Knit of broom sage should be immediately after flowering, while the stems plants are not hardened .

Sep 06 2013

Napkins are different: the right to choose an effective cleaning

Napkins are different: the right to choose an effective cleaning No doubt - on cleaning time is always bad. But by using the right and high quality products for cleaning , we do not simply shorten the time , but also minimize the effort to achieve results.
Today, a variety of means for cleaning - with different functionalities, designs , different materials, and wear resistance. And of course , the most that neither is an assistant attribute are napkins, or the people - " rags ."
Among the huge variety of tissue products is , as they say , out of competition. This microfiber cloth . Why are they better than the rest ?
The advantage of the first - the material . Microfibre - a hypoallergenic fabric whose fibers 100 times (!) Thinner than a human hair. It consists of polyester and nylon (polyamide ) . Polyester fiber because of its hyperfine structure penetrate into hard to reach places all surfaces , and as a magnet to collect the dust and even the smallest particles of dirt . Polyamide core in turn , attached drape strength.
The advantage of the second - the wear resistance or durability. For example , microfiber TM «Domi» is 10 times longer than ordinary cloth napkins. Moreover, for cleaning it is enough to wash and dry. Thus , using the data napkin Save as their life much more.
The advantage of the third - versatility . Microfiber cloth TM «Domi» effectively clean surfaces without detergents, remove dust , dirt, moisture and grease , leave no scratches , lint, and divorce, do not shed and do not roll down . Of course, each surface has its microfiber species which differ from each other patterned surfaces and fiber length .

Microfiber versatile - a soft cloth with distinct fibers perfectly absorbs moisture, polish the surface and , of course, removes dirt , dust. This cloth can be used for almost any surface - from furniture to cars.

Microfiber Glass and mirrors - ideal for cleaning these surfaces : the structure without the expressed villi and texture " herringbone " allow a movement to remove moisture and dirt from glass and mirror surfaces can be used as a detergent, and without it ;

Microfibre for screens and optics - thin napkin with unexpressed fibers and smooth dense texture effectively removes dirt and dust from the screens and optics without scratches and surface damage . Your technique will always be in perfect condition ;

Microfiber kitchen - large size 50x40 cm napkins can cover a large surface area , soft ribbed structure perfectly cleans and absorbs moisture , is used for both wet and dry cleaning . This cloth can clean work surfaces, sink , tile, kitchen appliances , etc.;

Microfiber Furniture - size 40x40 cm napkins can cover a large surface area , a soft structure with well-defined fibers and smooth texture perfectly removes dust , dirt and moisture. In this case, napkin perfectly polishes surfaces without the use of special funds;

Microfiber for glassware - is designed to wipe the glass dishes , glasses and glass surfaces . Smooth sliding structure napkins , sealed micro-fibers to shine gently cleanses without detergents . Bulging of the tissue easily and quickly remove dirt , fingerprints and traces of drops, lint , streaks and scratches. Cookware is clean and clear with a single motion .

And remember : the quality of available tools , in our case - the tissue is directly proportional effect on the quality and effectiveness of the result.

Mar 18 2013

How to get rid of ants in the apartment forever? Tips experienced hostesses.

The easiest way to get rid of ants in all rooms, houses, apartments can be used even where there are small children, as it is absolutely safe for their health.

Ants - terrible sweet tooth. So use this method is 100% effective.
We need to take a little bit of jam (like half a cup), half a spoon of boric acid and a teaspoon of yeast.

Stir yeast evenly with jam and acid, smudge on a flat dish (flat plates, saucers) and put in places where they are seen mostly insects. They will be happy very jam, but eating a little, after a short time will be lost, as action of yeast and boric acid for ants are very destructive.

Already after 1-3 weeks you will forget what they looked like, how to stop you eat, sleep and even dress (because these insects swarm everywhere).

Forget about this trouble and be happy!

Another popular suggestions:

.... I recently faced this problem, I wound up in a private house ants, little-red, I tried and garlic and mint, which are written on each site to control ants, all this nonsense, I generally felt that they love it))) I bought at the market poison, called "hacks", it is in a large plastic syringe, consists of natural chocolate and honey, and of course, a poison, ants eating it and infect their relatives, she begins to act through 2-3 hours, respectively ants have time to bring it up to the "main" ant! result: get rid of ants in two days! advise everyone! it is hoped that this poison is not sold in Rostov-on-Don! ...

Guys ..... I work in a firm to destroy, to cope with them very easily. Buy drug, "Absolute", promazhte room contour SINCE Doorways! (Not to run), bottom plinths, then lift up the corners to a height of 0.5 meters. And wait. If the adhesive has had little effect, you need a drug "Fufanon" diluted in water at a concentration of 10 ml per 100 g of water, type in the syringe and in the same way when dealing with the apartment.
Good luck! .....

Effective .... advice: buy a remedy for the Colorado potato beetle. some powder, dissolve it in water a very high concentration (for example: bought a tiny tool bag 1g, that would defeat the Colorado potato beetle to dilute it in a bucket of water, and I built a 0.5 liter of water) and typing in med.shprits spray the perimeter komnat.pol, ceiling wall. Water dries and marks on any wallpaper remains. The conclusion is the cockroaches in the dormitory, all around we had - no, valid means of 1.5 years, and then can come back, if the neighbors are living. My husband and I moved into an apartment and ran red monster chasing them around the home: the bathroom had gone into the living room, there drove away in the bedroom, then the kitchen, then in the hallway (!!!) And now they are not. absolutely. more year. all the neighbors have and we do not! 1.5 months at war. Children and animals it is harmless, but when the vehicle is dry, so that husband and son sent to walk for long, the water dries quickly. Try it! good luck! ...

Mar 18 2013

16 culinary secrets weight in gold!

1. To a mixture of cottage cheese eggs flour cheesecakes add a little vegetable oil. They are obtained by luxuriant and delicious.

2. Skins with bacon good to add when cooking any meat in aspic (for cutting meat is cut and frozen) Jellied get rich in skin a lot of gelling agents.

3. The secret of borscht: beets for borscht need to clean and cook completely in the broth is cooked all the time until the broth. Then remove the meat and beets, broth and cook soup as usual at the very end of cooking boiled beets to rub on a coarse grater, put in the finished soup. Post a boil and turn off. The taste is special, but the color is great.

4. Soup and soup will be richer and tastier if they cook a whole potato and then mash. Knead in pan or skillet with zazharku.

5. Never discard fat yellowed or dried up. Run it through a meat grinder and store in the refrigerator in a bank if necessary, add to the soup, or soup. To do this, take a salsa add garlic and grind together the garlic and bacon in a mortar or unusual taste cup provided. Pour this dressing in the soup when it is ready to stir and turn off the fire.

6. Previously, when I baked flan with fruit juice or berry filling during baking and ran burn in the pan. Now I found a way out: to stick in filling some macaroni with vertical hole. Boiling sap rises through this tube, but does not come out of the pie. Of the finished pie spaghetti, pulled out.

7. Bitter cucumber can be dropped at some time in adding a little milk sugar. The bitterness is gone.

8. Whatever the rice cereals not made bugs, put in it a few metal caps from bottles.

9. If you love the crumbly mess then a glass of cereals need to take 2 cups of liquid. Cook crisp oatmeal can broth or water to fill up the rump in boiling water.

10. Slice onion put in the refrigerator to help eliminate all odors.

11. If the brine of pickled cucumbers add a little dry mustard, they will taste better and lasts longer.

12. Spice harmful: light, heat, humidity. Store in tightly closed to non-transparent ceramic. porcelain or dark glass banks, each spice in a separate tank away from the stove.

13. You can not pour bottles of spices in which they are stored directly in a pot of boiling dish, they will absorb moisture from the steam and lose its quality.

14. From banana skins help boiled soft meat. In a saucepan put the meat on a banana peel. You will be pleasantly surprised by the result. The meat is tender juicy and fragrant.

15. In bowl with meat extinguishing put sprigs of cherry flavor and scent to taste non-transferable.

16. In beef, always add sugar (1 kg minced tablespoon). Your chops, belyashi, pasties and other articles of cutlet mass will always be very juicy.

Mar 18 2013

Tips: how to save a hopeless technique!

Want to know how to dry your mobile phone if it fell into the water, as well as save another technique? And did you know that the plate of rice can save your mobile phone if it is accidentally dropped into the water? Or the fact that the camera on your phone to help you determine what is wrong with your remote control? We will help you learn different tricks hopelessly tainted rescue equipment:

How to get more out of the battery of your phone:

If your battery is "dead", and you urgently need to send a couple of messages or phone, remove it from the phone, and warm in the hand or arm. Then try to turn the phone and quickly do what you need.

What if the technique got sand:

Of course, the sand does not affect favorably on your cell phone / camera / laptop / MP3 player. But if the sand is still missed, then pack your equipment in a box or bag of compressed air (available at computer stores).

Then carefully packed trotted your gadget, so that all the sand fell out!

What to do if your mobile frozen:

If your phone does not turn on and does not respond, remove the battery and try to warm it up. If you have iPod, then restart it by plugging in the network or by connecting to a computer. After 5 seconds, the logo, and your phone will work fine again.

What if the LCD screen on your mobile darkened:

You use it for too long in the sun? Most phones and Mp3 player with LCD screen is very sensitive. Screen may turn black from the things of the direct sunlight, the pixels are activated. Remove your gadget with the sun and let it sit overnight in a cool and dark place. This will allow the pixels to return to normal.

What to do if your not waterproof gadget gets wet:

At first, try to dry it with a vacuum cleaner. Or put it in an airtight container (bag) with silica gel (desiccant used in the packaging of optical and electronic equipment to protect it from the harmful effects of moisture), it will help to absorb the moisture.

If you do not have silica gel, then fill an ordinary plate raw rice and submerge into the wet gadget. Raw rice must absorb all the moisture in a few hours, and you can use your gadget, as if nothing had happened.

What to do if your phone fell into the water:

To start pull it out of the pool / sea / toilet / beers and remove the battery. If the battery is left in the phone, you may have a short zamykanie.Zatem remove Sim card, which contains all the information, including contacts, if you can not save the phone, at least you will not lose your contact information.

And only after that try to dry your phone in any way described just above.

What if the disc is stuck in the laptop:

Course in desktop computers have special buttons to pull discs, but most notebooks (laptops) have only a slot. If you have trouble happened: You can not get a drive, then turn off the computer and turn it on with your finger on the mouse button or trekpede. When the computer boots up, it will "spit" drive.

What to do if your remote control fails to work:

If you have already tried to replace the battery, and the remote control still does not want to work, vospolzutes camera on your mobile phone: turn it on and point pultpryamo in the camera lens. Cogley you press any button on the remote, if it in working condition, the infrared light will light up the front of your console, if look at her on the phone. This is because the camera otobrazhet infrared rays, which the human eye can not see.

If the camera can not display the infrared rays - so do the remote control does not work, and if you can, it means that it takes the signals and is fully functional.

What to do when you close the car, leaving the keys inside:

If your spare keys are at home, call someone on a mobile phone from your mobile, and holding the phone at a distance of 30-50 cm from the car, ask the person to press the release button on the spare key. Voice message through your phone will a car and you can safely remove the keys.

Getting rid of the sticky spots on the laptop screen:

Never use chemical cleaners that unknown origin and not on purpose, otherwise you may damage the monitor.

The easiest and cheapest way (of course you can buy an expensive special tool in computer shop): Make a solution of water and vinegar (50/50), put it on a cotton or woolen cloth and wipe the monitor. The stains will be over!

Mar 18 2013

20 unusual uses regular tea!

1. The most common use of tea bags - as a compress to soothe tired eyes. Soak tea bags in ice water or just cover with water and let it sit for a while in the fridge. Tea is not only relieve redness and swelling, and soothe tired eyes.

2. Tea help and bruises. Attach a freshly brewed, but cooled bags of black tea on the injured spot and the bruise will go much faster. The fact that black tea contains tannins, which reduce swelling and constrict blood vessels. For best results, follow the pack to do twice a day, leaving in 20 minutes.

3. The tea can be used as a remedy for sunburn. Wet tea bags ease the pain of sunburn, and if all the charred body, take a bath of tea.

4. Help tea and razor cuts. Wet tea bag will reduce and soothe aching pain of razor cut.

5. Useful for acne wash with green tea.

6. If you have problems in the oral cavity also help out the tea. Painful sores in the mouth can go on their own, but if you want to speed up the process, soak the tea bag in water, and after Bite his teeth. Once on the sore spots, tea will ease the pain and speed healing. Similarly, you can stop the bleeding from torn or lost tooth.

7. Use tea to freshen breath. Rinse strong tea reduces bad breath.

8. Use tea in the bath, for spitting on the rocks in the steam room, it will saturate the steam smells of herbs. Herbs for tea then, depending on the purpose. If you just want to saturate the aromatic steam ferry, choose what you like, but if you want to do it for your health, consider the following: green tea improves skin condition, if it has scratches, sores or allergic rash. If you want good to relax and de-stress, splash on bannuyu oven tea of ​​chamomile, valerian root, and yellow or black tea.

9. Tea helps with sweating feet. Perform the following procedure before going to bed - sleeps in the lower feet warm tea for 10-15 minutes, then wipe off with a towel.

10. Tea perfectly absorbs odors. Use this feature tea to remove bad hands after cleaning fish or garlic. Also with the help of tea bags can deodorize the refrigerator or trash, just putting them in there. And putting tea bags of lavender or other herbal tea in his pockets automobile seat covers, you get a natural air freshener.

11. Tea - an excellent organic fertilizer, containing many nutrients. Use the broken tea for feeding plants. Remember that you can not make me wet tea leaves into the soil in large quantities, it can cause mold and rot plants. Tea leaves should be applied to the soil before planting seeds in the ratio of 0.5 kg of tea in 1Q sleeps. meters of soil. The use of tea leaves as feed effectively stimulates plant growth.

12. Use dry tea, sprinkled around the bed pet will help get rid of the fleas, and the smoke from burning tea leaves scare bloodthirsty mosquitoes. Does not harbor warm feelings for tea and mole. If you do not want a neighbor in his closet, sprinkle on the shelves, green tea. It can fill in small bags of linen or muslin and hang in the closet where stored woolen clothes.

13. Using sleeps tea can clean and restore shine in dark clothing fur. For this slightly damp tea should be evenly sprinkle on the fur, spread out on a flat surface, leave for a few minutes, then wipe a damp tea leaves brush with stiff bristles on the direction of the growth of fur.

14. If you are allergic to detergents, tea can be used for washing dishes. Strange as it sounds, tea actually has cleaning properties. With a few re-welded tea bags can remove dirt and grease from the mirrors, windows, floors, kitchen countertops and unpainted wood furniture. Remember that after cleaning to wipe dry the surface, because tea is a good natural dye.

15. Coloring properties of tea also can be applied in everyday life. For example, if you restore color suede fabric. For this brew a strong tea. Take the number of welding, depending on the color of the fabric. For light brown fabric made tea from 1 tablespoon dry tea leaves in 150 ml of water, if the fabric is dark brown, take 2 tablespoons of tea in 150 ml of boiling water. Tea color will be darker than the tone of the fabric. Dampen a sponge strained tea and wipe clean suede. Tea is applied evenly to avoid streaks. The tissue was then well dried in the sun or in the dryer.

16. The tea can be used to color lace and macrame products. Strong tea will give a beautiful shade of beige lace napkins, tablecloths, runners for the table and items made of macrame. Make it simple - pour a liter of boiling water 2 tablespoons of tea, add 2 teaspoons of salt and cook over low heat for 2-3 minutes. In the strained hot tea, place the product you want to paint and leave for 10-15 minutes. Then rinse the product in cold water with vinegar. This way you can paint and tights

17. Tea will add beautiful color Easter eggs. Per liter of water to about 4 tablespoons of dry tea. The eggs should cook for 10-15 minutes, and the shell is better to color, add 2 tablespoons of vinegar.

18. Many people know the use of tea as a natural dye for dark hair. To do this, combine rosemary, sage, black tea and let stand overnight. Strain and rub thoroughly into hair. If necessary, to get the right color, try again.

19. Added to the dough strong black tea, give it a brown color and make the products more rosy.

20. A mixture of black tea with 2 tablespoons cornstarch helps remove smoothed strip with dark clothing. Using spray sprinkle problem areas before they stroll iron. If the suit or other clothing are glossy, finish with a piece of flannel cloth soaked in strong black tea. Processed tea cloth longer glossy and will get a fresh and updated look.

Did you know that among other things, tea just makes us smarter? It is proved that the tea contained caffeine increases mental alertness.

Mar 18 2013

Wash properly

- The washing machine for washing colored clothes, add two or three tablespoons of salt, then the product does not lose color, and the colors will be even brighter.

- White socks and socks washed off fine if they soak for one, two hours in the water, you want to add two tablespoons of boric acid.

- If you knit in the wash shed, then soak it in cold water, adding a little vinegar, and add the rinse water to two teaspoons of glycerin.

- When washing a woolen clothes, rinse in water, add one teaspoon of glycerin, then they will become softer.

- If the stain on the fabric of iodine, they would easily get rid of. Moisten it well with water and then rub the starch. Repeat this process several times until the complete disappearance of the iodine stain, then rinse the place with cool water and soap. The only thing that this method works only on fresh stains.

- Ink stains on things easily remove swab of cotton wool soaked in a mixture of ethanol and glycerol in equal proportions. When dirty tampon change, then the thing thoroughly rinse with water. If the ink stain appeared on plastic, oilcloth, hands, then scrub it can head matches soaked in the same solution. Then place spot wash with warm water and soap.

- A spot of manganese removed if soiled cloth soaked for three, four hours a curdled or serum, and then wash thing.

Mar 18 2013

Violet: how to look at home?

This plant requires a certain amount of care. Violets like light, but you must avoid direct exposure to sunlight, which is fatal to these plants. Ideal - is east and west windows. And making sure that the midday sun did not fall on the flowers.

Violets at this time must be protected, and to do this, use curtains. In winter, the plant must be located on the south window and it also must be protected from sunlight.

Care for violets is not easy, but if you do it correctly, these flowers are excellent decoration of any interior.

Violet flowers, how to water and fertilize

Watering is one of the important issues in the care of violets. Water should not be cold, for this it is necessary to defend. Watering is both below and above, but at the top watering to ensure that no water enters the leaves. Therefore, the best option would be for watering plants at the bottom. So violets watered no more than once a week.

Not spray the plant, so a color optimum humidity around. And to do this well put flowers in pots on a tray of wet pebbles or peat.

When caring for violets should be aware of the fact that fertilizers are not used often. During flowering plants fed once in 14 days. And during the period of rest is desirable to do it once every three or four weeks.

What should be the soil mixture for flowers

Violets "love" a loose and well pass the air, soil, it should easily absorb water. Ready earthen mixture is sold in specialty stores, you can buy, but it also can be cooked at home. For this you need peat and softwood land in the ratio of 1:2, respectively.

How to care for violets, you need to know when transplanting plants. These plants need good drainage, and transplants to fill nearly half of expanded clay flower pot.
Need time to remove damaged leaves, new outlets and flowers that bloomed. Since this is all hinders the growth and development of flowers.

Violets are beautiful plants, but they will be so only if the correct and proper care.